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Startopian Station


Alien Races/droids/Cargo Types And Uses...
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Alien Races/droids/Cargo Types And Uses...

This Is Where We Will Have The Information On The Aliens, This Should Be Done In A Few Days.... now i just have the droids and a few aliens there will be more detail on the aliens soon.....

Droids:The robotic Minions with which you dominate the galaxy! or clean up trash...


Scuzzer Droid: These little buggers run around your station, repairing and building buildings, and picking up trash. and a few other things. Without these guys you cant win!!


Scuzzer Mk2: a treaded scuzzer. this is faster but it drains a little more power. and it breaks down more. but this is still my scuzzer of choice.


Scuzzer Mk3: This little scuzzer hauls, but less reliable than 2 or 1, its good to have a small squad running around your station to repair those "priority" buildings, such as collectors,


Security Scuzzer: This guys (sometimes called fuzzers) shoot the bad guys and arrest criminals. tho they can be set to shoot criminals on the spot, or issue warnings, or even IGNORE crimes. they also break through enemy bulkhead doors.

Aliens Or Peeps:The "Paid"(who invented That concept?) Workers...


Salt Hogs: The workforce of your station. they dont stay but overnight if you dont hire them. They work at both recyclers and factories. And they are easy to keep happy. but they dont like gemslugs and gemslugs dont like them. Oh, and did I mention they have guns? So they make up the expendable Grunts that defend the station,


Greys: Okay i know grey is also spelt gray but the race is called grey...what did I say? Hey that ryhmed! Oh, Greys are the medical people. They operate your sickbays. its good to get greys with more than 2 skill points otherwise they may kill a patient, but none are perfect (Just like you.humans) so even one with full skill points may kill a patient, just less often. oh and greys have a gun, this is good balanceing becuase skrashers usually spawn near sickbays and greys hang around that area, making greys your first line of defence agianst skrashers


Grekka Targ: yes, every sci-fi game must have an insectoid race, evilness is optional, but the targ are more like the other alien race thats all advanced and have robots and mind powers ect. becuase they deal in communications, they operate Com stations, letting you know that their is a Nostro class lifeboat just waiting to dock and irritate you horribly with skrasher outbreaks, or just to let you know that the Gem Slugs deem you worthy enough to buy overpriced security scuzzers from them... maybe we would be better off without this guys? Oh and they have a gun,


Gor: (its really kasavagorian or something but i dont know how to spell it ill fix that later) Yes, the war race hell-bent on destruction of the universe! well the war race anyways, they are your security operatives, manning your security center(The room with the screens? and the donut hologram?) the more skilled they are the 1.)Farther Security colums reach, 2.) Quicker security scuzzers are at responding to crims, oh and, of course, they have a gun



Siren(s): the only race with male AND female counterparts! although I dont see any difference in them other than appearance, Anyways they run the love nests, were lovesick aliens go to be cheered up, the sirens use their psycic abilities to make other aliens happy, (because otherwise startopia would have gotten a worse ESRB rating =)


Turrakens: Two Heads Are better than one! twice the brain power! this means they reasearch whatever you put in that lab of yours. they dont use lazer so when hireing dont even LOOK AT THAT LOYALTY BAR! unless of course you have a turraken with 2 skill 3 dedecation, no loyalty, and another with the same with full loyalty, go with no loyalty, its cheaper, also this aplies to ALL non-weapon wielding races.


Gemslugs: Big green and bloby, no im not talking about what you get out of your nose in math class, its the gem slug. "But it doesn't look like a gem!" you say? well something it makes is gem-like, and just as valuable. It's Dookie! Bum Bum Bum!! no really turdite, its crap, is worth 10,000 e when you recycle it. but there is one, tiny weeinie, itsy bitsy, microscopic, and otherwise small problem... it needs to be happy to take a dump. and its HARD to make this blob happy! just get alot of things that cater to them and your in the dookie! or just edit some files and you have new flooring of turdite

Cargo/Crates: Arona's Realm Of Ripoffs!


The Future, Is Furnature yah i probably spelt that wrong but, This is stuff that you can unpack, stuff like benches, lamps, trash cans. Although i haven't ever seen anything sit on the bench come to think of it... hmm...


Ahh the scuzzer crate. From the start to finish youll see alot of these. they contain the Scuzzer Mk I, Mk 2, Mk3, Security Scuzzers, and memau, okay the last one isint the most common, but they do come in a scuzzer crate, oh and you have to open um, they dont help if closed


Technology crates, they cost alot but can save money, once you open it it transfers all the knowledge of how to build a single structure or thing into your... um... i guess it goes to you scuzzers, anyways once you open one you can build as many of that type as you like, provided you have the listed amount of energy.


Hardplans basically give you a one-shot building, one sick bay, or one lavatory, or one love nest, they cost alot less than the tech crates however, but its obvious why.

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