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Startopian Station

Alien Races/droids/Cargo Types And Uses...
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Welcome to the Startopian Station web site!

Mind Our Dust. Were Working On it. Any content you want to add? plz e-mail us.

Master_Ryan 10/24/03  Hah! You thought I was gone?!
Yah, im back, tremble in fear at my horrible web page! TREMBLE I SAID! I'm gonna add stuff all around so look for anything new, I really haven't had much time to do anything since school, but i did find a new sci-fi-tastic game at just click on it cuz i get some credits (fake money) every time you do. well i think thats it so

Master_Ryan out...

Master_Ryan 6/3/03 Who? What?
Well the skinning thing was a total flop, i managed to make the grey look more like michael jackson but thats it.. well now imgoing to let you all send me worthless pictures for me to host! .jpg or .gif only please and thanks.
Master_Ryan Out...
Master_Ryan 3/24/03 Stupid thing <[i]Kick[/i]>
Well, looks like I'm not having very much luck with skinning, now the ddsconv wont convert the .tgas into .tga.ddts, blasted thing. Anyways my inbox is really empty. so send me stuff! a skin, a mission, a story, anything! also about that logo I'm still undecided. I haven't got anything on that either so send me ideas or send me an email saying you want to make it or something.
Master_Ryan Out...

We Also Need Skins And User-Made Missions!!

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